You are just a few steps away from reinventing your vaping lifestyle.

What is MiD Community?

The MiD Community is a specially designed online portal. It is a social platform dedicated to MiD vapers worldwide. It provides you the breeze to easily access and share your and other users' vaping profiles wherever and whenever you want. A social network that allows you to do more, and get more!

How it works?

The MiD Community helps you in finding that perfect vaping style for your MiD e-cig, your favorite atomizer or e-liquid. Want a bolder throat hit? Or how about a smooth experience with every draw? A morning or evening vape? The perfect settings for a 1.8 Ohm clearomizer? The best settings for a certaintype or taste of liquid? These and more choices are available through our library / database of downloadable vaping profiles. With MiD you can create your very own vaping style by customizing your device through the (MiD software), upload your vaping profile creations to your MiDSeries.com profile page, embed a video tutorial or pictures and let the whole vaping world know about it.

With the member’s page, you can connect and interact with fellow MiD users. Upload their vaping profiles to your device and experience it for yourself. You can also create and participate in any of the vaping groups, rate user created vaping profiles, and see what your friends are up to in the vaping world.

Moving Forward

As innovative as the MiD itself, the MiD Community lets you build a customizable social realm with the rest of the vapers worldwide.