Module 1

Vaping Profile Programming
Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $17.95

The Vaping Profile programming module, allows you to edit your profile, and be in full control.

This module is the core, the heart, and the soul of the MiD; with this module you are able to not only customize your personal profiles exactly how you want them, but it also lets you explore other users profiles fully.

With this module enabled, you are able to select exactly what your mid outputs, down to 1/10th of a second, for 12 seconds per profile, from 0 volt/watt up to 8 volts/25 watts.

And if thats not enough, this module also allows you to specify exactly what color, and strenght you want your LED to be – down to 1/10th of a second precision, in all the rainbows colors!

Hot? Cold? Medium? Sharp changes in tones halfway through? Whatever your taste, the result is guaranteed to fit you; After all, you are the designer of it.

Note: Profiles that work outside 3-6 volt/4-15 watts, needs the ”Extended threshold limits” module. If you dont have that module, your profile will never go outside those ranges, even if specified in the editor.