Module 2

Extended Threshold Limits
Rating: 3/5
Sales price: $8.95

The Extended Threshold Limits module, allows you to utilize the full voltage / power capability of the MiD.

Without this module, the MiD is locked to working within 3-6 volts/4-15 watts.

With this module, the MiD can operate within 0-8 volts/0-25 watts.

Also, this modules enables you to set your own operating limits.

For instance;

You have a very low resistance atomizer, and you dont want to risk it becoming too hot while trying out profiles.

You then go to the Extended Threshold Limits module in your MiD software, and you set the threshold for voltage to 0-4.7 volt.

After having set this, your profiles, no matter how else defined, will never go outside of this range.


Saturday, 05 January 2013
great and awesome!