Module 3

Realtime Vaping Enabler
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The Realtime Vaping Enabler module lets you use the joystick thats built into the MiD, to control the voltage/power of the profile youre using, while vaping, in realtime.

Why? When people smoked ”real” cigarettes, they drew on them harder or softer depending on circumstances. A harder draw would make the glow light up more, heating up the tobacco faster and essentially creating a hotter smoke, and a harder throathit.

A softer draw, would be more subtle, and smooth.

With e-cigarettes, you usually get a constant, seeing as you have no way to control your glow dynamically – until now!

This is how it works;

You have a profile thats ”flat” – it runs 3.7 volt only for 12 seconds.

With this module enabled, you can push the joystick up, or down while vaping to raise or lower the voltage of that profile, as you vape, making it hotter or colder.

Ofcourse this also works with wattage profiles, and it will also work on complex profiles by simply raising or lowering the entire profiles as you push the joystick up or down.

This is not only a very interesting way to vape, but also makes sense in a number of situations:

  • When you go outside, and its cold/hot – you can easily raise the temperature of your profile by pushing the joystick up or down.
  • To quickly explore at which heat level a liquid might bring out its best taste.
  • To vary your vape, and keep things interesting
  • To give you a smooth vape, or a instant throat hit, whenever you see the need for either


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